pilum gmbh

Didier Vögelin
Bündtenstrasse 8
CH-4419 Lupsingen

Phone: +41 (061) 551 01 80
Mobile: +41 (079) 544 73 66

Email: pilum@it-houses.com
Website: www.pilum.ch

Energy. Efficiency. Eloquency. Expertise.

pilum gmbh is specialized in IT project rescue. Why?

1 out of 6 IT Projects fails. To «speak figures» these projects will end 200% beyond budget and 70% behind schedule.

In order to avoid such disasters we developed a unique concept and offer three different products around IT project rescue.

  • Project analysis, to shed some light on the facts
  • Project recovery, to still make the project a success
  • Training on request

Of course we accept even «normal» project management mandates.

We work internationally and speak German, English and French. Business fluent., We look forward to your request.


  • IT Project Management
  • IT Project Rescue

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