Key Benefits For Partners


Independent and Still Working in a Team

Entrepreneurship has a lot of advantages. But sometimes one could do with an advice or needs support. Be it just a tip or expert assistance. As we understand IT-Houses as a virtual team we help each other out. 

Knowing the Experts

Did it ever happen to you, that you were on customer’s site and realized that they need an expert or specific knowledge but not the one you already provide? Most probably your answer is yes. And wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly where to get this know-how from? Again your answer is probably yes, especially as knowing the right people will increase your own credibility towards the customer. IT-Houses increase your chances to know the expert. And every new partner is an additional chance which takes us to the next topic.


No matter if you like acquisition or not. It takes a lot of effort and time to be successful at it. Given the partners of IT-Houses know each other; they can create win-win-win situations. A win for the one who has been recommended, as they get a new customer, a win for the customer as they will hire an expert and a win for the recommender has they get the credit.


Within IT-Houses the partners are still independent. This means that nobody is obliged to accept a mandate. Doing so is the decision of each of us as we bill the customers directly. This means that we are not legally liable for each other.